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Quality of tools determines the quality of the work and the safety of the worker, and because average is not the standards we have chosen to only provide the best available tools so that we can play a huge part in developing our country in both building and maintenance in the Automotive industry.


Refrigerated Transportation

It is a big challenge for manufacturers and supplying company to keep products in good conditions while distributing in very hot areas like Iraq in general from north to south the temperature degrees gets too high to a level that bad quality cooling systems falls easily and cannot perform for a long time in addition to the lack of giving perfect temperature to the goods inside the trucks.

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Construction & Mining

One of the main goals of the company is to provide outstanding tools for professionals since construction is among the most important industries in the country we assured that the products we have to service the industry are top-rated in the world.


Professionals and DIYs

Whether you are a professional, engineer, maintainer, or Do It Yourselfer you always need to decide your tool carefully as your tool decides the quality of your work, and most cases it determines your safety too. 



As a trusted partner with Draeger, Beta and other top brands in the world providing safety equipment AGUT managed to play a big rule to keep you safe, we provide a variety of safety products and equipment used in heavy and dangerous duties such as gas detectors, advanced gas masks and:

  • overalls and protective aprons

  • protective headgear - safety helmets, wide-brimmed hats to protect against the sun

  • safety boots or shoes

  • safety glasses or goggles

  • gloves

  • others


Oil and Gas

Being the largest industry in the world Iraq's demand for quality services and tools is the main scope of work of the AUGT company. Besides providing the best quality products from top brands in the world the efficiency and experience of our team have always been a key success of AUGT in the Oil and Gas industry. 

In the past decade, AUGT has proven to be one of the main Products and Service providers in the industry helping the largest companies in Iraq to run their operations best way possible.



AUGT has built strong expertise in the manufacturing industry and products required to optimize operations. Our expertise lies in high-end quality products, professional support and maintenance engineers, and last longing support services.


Products provided by AGUT are all from top brands in the world, from hand tools and hydraulics to heavy-duty machinery and full system installation.


Power and Energy

Since around a century AUGT is providing maintenance and products for power and energy sector with  Production machinery and equipment, Steam boilers, Heat exchangers, condensers, chillers and tube bundles for chemical plants from top brands in the world such as MAUS, BETA, ESAB, INGERSOLL RAND and more.

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